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In Nature, one of the most respected scientific journals in the world, it has published that two of the scientific developments that have shaped the last 10 years are microbiome science and artificial intelligence technology.

ENBIOSIS with its staff established by bringing together few and successful names in their field aims to advance microbiome science in order to serve human health and to produce personalized health technologies by targeting new generation artificial intelligence technologies.


ENBIOSIS Biotechnology is the winner of the

"When Healthtech Meets Insurance"

event organized by NN, which was attended by 114 health tech startups from 30 different countries.


2020 "Health Initiative Of The Year Award"

We are proud to have received this award as the first and only company in Turkey.

- Ömer Özkan, CEO

New York

ENBIOSIS Biotechnology became the only biotech company of the year to qualify for the

“Enterprise Acceleration Program”

where Bayer supports shaping the future initiatives.

ENBIOSIS Biotechnology In Global

In addition to providing microbiome-based personalized diet and dietitian services, ENBIOSIS Biotechnology offers artificial intelligence technology to companies that want to provide similar services by positioning as a global platform.

Some of the countries where we provide our technological infrastructure:

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