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Microbiome Health Package

We analyze your microbiome and provide personalized nutrition guide for your gut health.

Krill Oil
Fish Oil
Safflower Oil
White Cheese
White Bread
White Flour

Food Scores:

After revealing your current microbiome profile, scores show which foods are best for you to reach a more balanced and healthier microbiome profile.

Here's Your Food!
We will ask you to enrich these nutrients in your diet.
Foods Compatible with You!
We will ask you to consume these foods in a balanced and varied way in your diet.
Foods You Should Avoid!
We will ask you to consume these foods less in your diet.

Mikrobiyomunu Keşfet, Beslenmeni Yönet,
Sağlığına Hükmet!

You can start your process by choosing the most suitable package for you on your personalized health journey with ENBIOSIS.

Microbiome Health Package
1450 TL 1950 TL
  • Microbiome Analysis Report
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide
  • 1 Seans Diyetisyen Görüşmesi
Better choice
Premium Microbiome Health Package
2250 TL 2750 TL
  • Microbiome Analysis Report
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide
  • 6 Weeks Dietitian Support
Follow-up Microbiome Health Package
3950 TL 4250 TL
  • 2 Microbiome Analysis Report
  • 2 Personalized Nutrition Guide
  • 12 Weeks Dietitian Support

*On the journey you started with ENBIOSIS, the nutrients your body needs change depending on the healing of gut bacteria, and we recommend a follow-up package so that you can take better care of your health.


How It Works?

  • Ordering

    Order from www.enbiosis.com, sign up from the website with the code in your kit and complete the survey questions.

  • Sampling

    Follow the steps in the kit delivered by cargo to your address and easily take the sample required for your microbiome analysis. Then send it to the address in the box for free.

  • Laboratory Analysis

    Your sample is processed in our metagenome laboratory and sequenced with 16S rRNA next generation sequencing method. The resulting data is analyzed and reported in detail with our artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Results

    Your reports will be checked by our experts and then delivered to you. Your results are interpreted by ENBIOSIS dieticians and presented to you with dietician follow-up specifically for the package you choose.