The microbiome is a concept that encompasses all microorganisms, genomes, genome products, and environmental impacts in a defined habitat. Our microbiome, which differs from human to human, is responsible for our unique responses to food. Therefore, each person's metabolic response to the same food is different. Microbiome analysis is required to create a personalized nutrition program for you.
Our microbiome develops with us since birth and is shaped by factors such as living conditions and nutrition. Although everyday effects cause slight fluctuations in the microbiome, each person's microbiome is unique.
ENBIOSIS does not conduct a test or report on food sensitivity. ENBIOSIS microbiome analysis aims to bring your current microbiome profile closer to ideal/healthy.
Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to have a sustainable, healthy and balanced metabolism can have this analysis done. We recommend ENBIOSIS Microbiome Analysis to those who want to maintain weight control, have a peaceful digestive system, have a strong immune system and have a good quality sleep.
Antibiotic use can cause serious damage to your microbiome. For this reason, we recommend that you have your microbiome analysis done 4 weeks after antibiotic use.
After you place your order, the ENBIOSIS Microbiome Kit will be shipped to the address you specified within a few business days. You can easily take your sample by following the steps in the box and then send it back to us without payment. register your membership with the code in the ENBIOSIS Microbiome Kit sent to you by logging in from the “Kit Registration” Section at the address. Once you have created your membership, complete the analysis form necessary to provide you with the most accurate results. When your report is prepared, you can reach your results via this platform and simultaneously from the email address you defined during the membership process.
Don't worry, you can request a replacement tube by sending an e-mail telling you your situation!
Your sampling tube contains DNA-stabilizing fluid that kills microorganisms on first contact and protects the released microbial DNA from fragmentation. This liquid is a special component designed to stabilize and protect your sample. As soon as you transfer your sample into the tube, the microorganisms in it stop growing. It comes safely to our laboratory without being affected by any conditions during the transport process.
Your report will be forwarded to you in 4 weeks after your sample reaches us. You can view your microbiome analysis and personalized nutrition guide from web panel.
You can give or gift the ENBIOSIS Microbiome Kit to anyone you want. However, the only thing to note is that the person who introduced the code to the system and then filled out the analysis form is the same person who sent the sample to the analysis. you can find a solution on this issue by e-mail.
Our goal as ENBIOSIS Biotechnology is to modulate your microbiome in a healthy way and ensure that your ideal microbiome profile is permanent. For this reason, we recommend that you periodically perform microbiome analysis and monitor your microbiome.
Mikrobiyom tüpünün içerisinde bulunan stabilizör sıvı numune ile ilk temasta mikroorganizmaları öldüren ve açığa çıkan mikrobiyal DNA’nın parçalanmasını önleyen özel bir sıvıdır. Bu sıvı sayesinde numunen herhangi bir koşuldan etkilenmeden laboratuvarımıza güvenle gelir.
Mikrobiyom Analiz Raporun ve Kişiselleştirilmiş Beslenme Rehberinin oluşturulması için yapılan laboratuvar işlemleri minimum 4 hafta sürmektedir.

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