ENBIOSIS Microbiome Analysis delves deep into your inner world and offers you the key to a healthy and sustainable life.

Like our fingerprints, we all have our own unique microbiomes. We are now home to trillions of bacteria in our gut. The link between our quality of life and our microbiome is a known fact.


With ENBIOSIS Microbiome Kit, you can easily take your sample at home without going to any laboratory, hospital, or clinic. Services provided to you by the sample you have sent to us:

Microbiome Analysis Report
Personalized Nutrition Guide
Personalized Probiotics Recommendation


Microbiome Diversity:

It shows the degree to which the bacterial ecosystem in your microbiome is composed of different genera and how homogeneous their distribution is.

Taxonomic Analysis:

Taxonomic analysis shows the proportions of bacteria present in your microbiome at the genus, family and branch level.

Gut Scores:

It shows your current status through 15 different modules, from intestinal movement to microbiome age, carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolisms to sleep quality.

Close Profiles:

Based on microbiome profiles in our database, it shows the lifestyle and health status statistics of profiles closest to your microbiome .

Notable Microorganisms:

It shows the rates of microorganisms that are prominent in the health and balance of the microbiome.

Food Scores:

After revealing your current microbiome profile, scores show which foods are best for you to reach a more balanced and healthier microbiome profile.
Here's Your Food!

We will ask you to enrich these nutrients in your diet.

Foods Compatible with You!

We will ask you to consume these foods in a balanced and varied way in your diet.

Foods You Should Avoid!

We will ask you to consume these foods less in your diet.

It is now up to you to discover your microbiome world, come to the source of problems, meet your body-controlling bacteria and manage them!



order from, sign up from the website with the code in your kit and complete the survey questions.


Follow the steps in the kit delivered by cargo to your address and easily take the sample required for your microbiome analysis. Then send it to the address in the box for free.


Your sample is processed in our metagenome laboratory and sequenced with 16S rRNA next generation sequencing method. The resulting data is analyzed and reported in detail with our artificial intelligence algorithms.


Your reports will be checked by our experts and then delivered to you. Your nutritional scores are interpreted by ENBIOISIS dietitians and presented with a free 30-minute dietitian interview.


ENBIOSIS does not issue a test or report on food sensitivity. ENBIOSIS Microbiome Analysis aims to bring your existing microbiome profile closer to ideal / healthy.
Enbiosis is built on high-output new generation DNA sequencing, the most advanced techniques in the field of microbiome analysis, bioinformatics analysis of microbial profiles and the interpretation of outputs with machine learning algorithms. All wet and dry laboratory processes are carried out by expert researchers in accordance with international standards.
The shotgun metagenome sequencing method, which allows it to be descended to the species, is a technology used by Enbiosis in R&D studies. However, there are no scientific literature and databases to make sense of the data produced at the end of metagenome sequencing on the basis of nutrients. The most comprehensive databases created in the field of microbiome science worldwide belong to the 16S rRNA gene. For these reasons, Enbiosis Microbiome Analysis has been developed through the 16S rRNA sequencing method, which has been used as the gold standard in thousands of studies and dozens of microbiome projects.
As Enbiosis Biotechnology, our goal is to modulate your microbiome in a healthy way and ensure that your ideal microbiome profile is permanent. Scientific studies are that the expected modulation after a regular diet shows its effect in about 6 weeks. For this reason, we recommend that you have a microbiome analysis and follow-up of your microbiome several times in 6-8 week periods for those who are new to dietetic modulation, and once a year after modulation.
The sampling tube contains a special DNA stabilizing liquid that kills microorganisms at the first contact and protects the microbial DNA released against fragmentation. In this liquid, your samples remain intact for up to two years. Thus, it is delivered to our laboratory without being affected by any conditions during the transportation process.
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