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ENBIOSIS Biotechnology offers artificial intelligence technology to companies that want to provide microbiome based healthcare services.

Doctors, dieticians, hospitals, and catering services offer more comprehensive solutions to their customers or clients with ENBIOISIS microbiome-based personalized approach.

Our partners

Healthcare Professionals

Provide preventive medicine as a service

Supplement Companies

Produce your dietary supplements for specific diseases


Make your analysis smart

Catering Services

Make your services personalized

Some of our partnersin global

How we work with our partners

Operating interface

Hospitals/healthcare or well-being centers of interest are the interface of operations. They are provided with physical test kits and client software. Client software collects user info/metadata, anonymizes it, then shares it with the web service. The anonymized biological specimens are sent to the laboratory.


The molecular biology laboratory analyzes the samples and provides the biological data. The laboratory procedures (e.g. DNA sequencing, sample preparation, next-generation sequencing) are provided to the laboratory. Generated data are shared with the web service in digital form.

Web service

The algorithms and the collected data reside in the cloud services. The bioinformatics/AI analysis conducted by Enbiosis generates the reports per each end user. Results are returned to the operating interface.

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