Elevated Stress and Lack of Sleep: A Gut Microbiome Issue That Can Be Fixed

There is a saying about the body’s nervous system and that is when you sleep, you’re resting and digesting.  So it stands to reason, that sleep is important to the body’s gut microbiome as it gives it a chance to work properly and nourish the body.

But this relationship actually goes both ways.  In other words, the microbiome can also impact the quality of sleep and support the body’s ability to ‘rest and digest’. It also turns out that the body’s microbiome can contribute to an overall sense of calm. 

On the other hand, when there is any imbalance in the gut, that sense of calm can be replaced by a sense of tension and nervousness that can persist throughout the day. With all of that in mind, one key to high quality sleep and an overall sense of calm and contentment is a balanced, nourished and strong microbiome. And fortunately for all of us, we now have access to groundbreaking technology that provides a blueprint for optimizing our microbiome.

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