Tech Rocketship Awards is a global startup competition launched by the UK’s Department for International Trade in 2013 to recognize and support the best tech startups from around the world. The competition provides a platform for emerging tech companies to showcase their innovation and connect with investors, mentors, and potential partners in the UK.

The program aims to identify innovative startups that have the potential to become global leaders in their field and help them to establish a presence in the UK. The competition is open to startups from a wide range of industries, including fintech, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

The Tech Rocketship Awards offer winners a package of support that includes a trip to the UK to meet potential investors and mentors, as well as access to a range of business support services. The winners are also invited to participate in a week-long accelerator program that provides them with the opportunity to network with other startups, attend workshops, and meet with leading experts in their field.