ENBIOSIS, with the latest technology and science, provides comprehensive reports on the microbiome world with the algorithms it has developed, and provides solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of many chronic diseases from digestive system diseases to obesity, from skin disorders to immune system diseases.


The ENBIOSIS ecosystem consists of a vast network of users, connected via our biobank, mobile, and wearable-tech; an artificial-intelligence operating system constantly mining the biobank big data to invent and offer health solutions to the users; the bioscience team conducting research on microbiome science to develop integrated biotech products and services; and a network of health professionals consulting the users.

Board of Directors

Ömer Özkan
Serial entrepreneur, Renewable energy, Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology
Bilkent University IE

Ph.D. Ufuk Nalbantoğlu
Co-founder – CTO
15 years of experience research. Principal investigator of NIH, NFS, and DTRA funded projects. Built the bioinformatics software of Earth Microbiome Projects

Assoc. Prof. Aycan Gündoğdu
Co-founder – CSO
The national laboratories of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Department of Health, and CSIRO, Head scientists of Turkish National Microbiome Project, EU Human Microbiome Studies committee member

Prof. Dr. Dr. André Gessner
Scientific Advisory Board Member
The director of the Institute for medical microbiology and hygiene at the University of Regensburg and a member of the University of Regensburg. Prof. Gessner, with his extensive microbiome research and expertise, will be supporting our clinical studies in Europe.


Producing scientific inventions, products, and services that will improve the quality of human health by using microbiome organisms.


Making health solutions accessible to the masses by prioritizing the principles of human development.