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ENBIOSIS biomarkers
are used for

Personalized nutrition and diet technologies

Microbiome based liquid-biopsy and diagnostic

Next generation probiotics and biotherapeutics


  • Microbiome analysis report
  • Personalized diet model
  • Personalized pre- & probiotic suggestions


Our microbiome-based liquid-biopsy product family provides non-invasive early disease detection biotech kits and software.

AI agents discover liquid biopsy biomarkers via data-mining ENBIOSIS Biobank. Our bioscience team then translates these biomarkers into biotech products.

Scientific research Product development Prototype Validation Final product Gastrointestinal diseases (CRC, IBS, IBD)


Long term products

*Therapeutic: 78% Success In Treating IBS, IBS Management Service On Sale, %83 Success In Treating Chronic Constipation

  • Disease management with microbiome diet
  • Bacteriophage therapy
  • Personal therapy solutions
  • Biotherapeutics
  • Smart microbiome transplant

ENBIOSIS microbiome platform

ENBIOSIS generic framework gathers microbiome samples and lifestyle&health information by mail-in-kits or on-site from the users via a panel of applications. The samples are subject to next-generation sequencing and the data generated are placed in the biobank to be mined by AI algorithms to return the specific solutions. This generalized pipeline applicable to a range of add-on solutions sharing the same operation system.

IP & Competitive landscape

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In-house & Protected

Patent & Licences

Competitive landscape

  • Data-driven novel biomarkers
  • SOTA non-invasive diagnostics
  • Microbiome based health network supported by ENBIOSIS Biobank
  • Unified platform for a spectrum of applications


New generic probiotics

Diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases based on gut microbiome

GMO probiotics


Phase 1

Phase 2 – 3

Phase 1









Phase 1: Basic study, Data collection, Bioinformatic

Phase 2: Wet lab, Algo. development

Phase 3: Clinical study, Certificates

Phase 4: Sale

Clinical studies

* Our clinical study on IBS has demonstrated a success rate of 78% and the results were published in Gut Microbes (Impact Factor: 11.7).

* Our clinical study on chronic constipation has demonstrated a success rate of 83% and the results were published in JCM (Impact Factor: 5.1).

Enbiosis gut microbiome health and paper and research
Publication of Enbiosis related to gut health improvement

We intend to expand our business by introducing new products that will be the result of an extensive research.

Upcoming products

New generic probiotics & GMO probiotic

We have isolated novel probiotics strains from healthy human microbiome that could be employed as probiotics supplements. Additionally, our biomarker discovery algorithms have mined biosynthetic gene clusters that are strong candidates for promoting human health when integrated into GMO probiotics.

We need to collaborate with synthetic biology talents to engineer GMO probiotics and proceed to industrial-level supplement production.