What is the microbiome?
The microbiome is the community of microbes in a particular environment. There are trillions of microorganisms in our body, mostly bacteria and these bacteria resides mainly in our gut.
Does the microbiome change?
Every person’s microbiome is unique, just like fingerprints. The microbiome is a dynamic habitat for microorganisms, so it can change. Factors such as diet, medication use, environmental exposures, and overall health can influence the composition and diversity of the microbiome, leading to changes over time.
What does the ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis provide?
An imbalance of the microbiome can lead to several diseases. ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis transforms food into personalized medicine and determines the best fit of prebiotics and probiotics to modulate your gut microbiome, promote well-being, and effectively manage diseases.
Is there an age limit for ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis?
ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis should be utilized by individuals aged 15 and above.
Who should not use the ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis?
Microbiome profiles can undergo significant changes due to various factors. We recommend that you contact us or consult with your healthcare practitioner to determine the appropriate timing for taking the test if you are experiencing any of the following circumstances:
  • Pregnancy,
  • Currently undergoing a treatment plan,
  • Recent use of antibiotics,
  • Recent surgery or hospitalization
When will the ENBIOSIS AI-powered microbiome analysis be shipped to me?
Every order that reaches us before 16:00 will be shipped on the same day.
How can I complete my membership process?
Once you have received your microbiome analysis kit, you should first register your kit using the unique code written on the tube from https://app.enbiosis.com/registerkitcode. Then, fill in the questionnaire regarding your health status. After completing these steps, you will be ready to collect and send your sample.
How should I collect my sample?
You can easily collect your sample at home by following the given steps. First, place the analysis kit on a stable surface, ensuring that the tube is upright to prevent the liquid from spilling into the round compartment next to the sampling tube. Secondly, collect the stool sample, approximately the size of a lentil, directly from the toilet paper using the swab provided in the analysis kit. Then, insert the swab into the tube and stir for 1 minute or until the color of the liquid changes. Afterward, carefully remove the swab from the tube and dispose of it. Secure the lid of the tube tightly and insert it into the envelope included in the microbiome analysis kit.
How should I send my sample to the laboratory?
Once you have collected your sample and inserted it into the envelope included in the kit, you will be ready to ship it back to the laboratory. You can request a return label by sending an email to info@enbiosis.com and simply attach it to your sample. Then, you can send your sample to our laboratory free of charge.
What should I do if the liquid in the tube spills?
If there is a spillage of the liquid inside the sampling tube, you should immediately stop the sampling process. You can request a spare tube by sending an email to info@enbiosis.com.
Will my sample be damaged in shipping?
The stabilizer liquid inside the sampling tube is a special solution that eliminates microorganisms upon first contact with the sample and prevents fragmentation of the exposed microbial DNA. Thanks to this liquid, your sample will safely reach the laboratory without being affected by any conditions.
When will I recieve the results?
Your results will be ready approximately 4 weeks after we receive your sample at our laboratory. Please note that during holidays and special occasions, this process may take slightly longer than usual.
How can I access my results?
You will be notified by email at the provided address when your results are ready. You can access them either at app.enbiosis.com or through your application.
Is there anything I need to do while waiting for my results?
While waiting for your results, please continue with your regular diet and refrain from following any specific diet. Please make sure not to take any additional medication/antibiotics during this process, except for your regular prescribed medications.