How to register your kit

Enbiosis gut microbiome test kit

Welcome! We recommend that you register your kit as soon as you receive it. Here’s why:

  • Ensure correct identification
  • Enable you to complete the questionnaire and access your results

You can simply follow the steps provided inside the kit to register, however, since you are here please follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter Your Kit Code

Find the QR code on the box or visit Enter your kit code accurately. If you have any trouble, please double-check the code and try again.

Enbiosis register your kit form
Enbiosis register your kit form

Step 2: Enter Your Email and Password

After entering your kit code, you’ll need to create an account by providing your email and password. This will allow you to access your results once they’re ready.

Step 3: Complete the Questionnaire

To generate accurate analyses based on the specimen data, we require some vital information such as your age, weight, height, and more. Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability. Don’t hesitate to answer the questions with complete honesty, your data is in safe hands.

Enbiosis questionnaire

Step 4: Confirm Your Registration

After completing the questionnaire, submit it to finalize your kit registration. You will receive an email confirmation of your successful registration. Additionally, you’ll receive email updates regarding the status of your kit, such as when it’s sent to the lab or when your results are ready.

Now, all you need to do is wait until you start exploring more about your gut health.