ENBIOSIS uses microbiome big data and AI to solve the complexity of human gut microbiome and its effect on human well-being and diseases. ENBIOSIS AI algorithm is trained with +40,000 microbiome profiles (geography specific).

As our user base grows and the ENBIOSIS micro-biobank expands and diversifies, we are constantly mining our electronic health records to evaluate our solutions, and improve our algorithms with discovered novel features.

Parameters assessed by Artificial Intelligence Technology:

  • Microbiome Age
  • Microbiome Diversity
  • Disease Predispositions
  • Probiotic Microorganisms
  • Intestinal Motility
  • Autoimmunity Index
  • Sleep Quality
  • Damage from Artificial Sweeteners
  • Antibiotic Damage
  • Protein Metabolism
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Fat Metabolism
  • Body Mass Index
  • Scoring of 215 Nutrients
  • Personalized Prebiotics

Based on the metastudy on the customer info, we are glad to discover significant improvements during the nutritional intervention periods. Compared to the baseline, our users on average exhibit:

  • 18% increase in microbiome diversity* 
  • 7.1 kg weight loss, 
  • 63% increase in energy level, 
  • 85% improvement in bowel habits**, 
  • 42% improvement in sleep disorders.

* Based on Shannon Diversity metrics.
** For individuals with IBS or intestinal disorders

Our AI has been trained to improve itself and discover further associations related  to human health as the data accumulates. To this end, the accuracy of the  evaluation has been elevated.

  • from 83% to 96% in determining the IBS related organisms,
  • from 79% to 93% in determining BMI related organisms,
  • to 80% success in detecting allergy-related microorganisms,
  • to 77% success in detecting skin conditions from gut microbiome,
  • to 94% success in detecting SIBO from gut microbiome,
  • compared to the previous generation.