ENBIOSIS has brought an innovative perspective to the health field by using a personalized artificial intelligence technology-based recommendation system, exploring the health parameters and conducting R&D studies in the field of microbiome.

We analyze trillions of bacteria in the intestine using the NGS. We score the health parameters to prevent chronic illnesses/ discomfort. Predict predisposition to diseases. We find biomarkers to diagnose chronic illnesses/ discomfort and cancers.

ENBIOSIS has clinically verified therapeutic solutions for IBS (%78 success rate) and chronic constipation (%83 success rate).

The company’s solid team of scientists with broad international experience and extensive publication records continues its R&D activities.

Parameters assessed by Artificial Intelligence Technology:

  • Microbiome Age
  • Microbiome Diversity
  • Disease Predispositions
  • Probiotic Microorganisms
  • Intestinal Motility
  • Autoimmunity Index
  • Sleep Quality
  • Damage from Artificial Sweeteners
  • Antibiotic Damage
  • Protein Metabolism
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Fat Metabolism
  • Body Mass Index
  • Scoring of 215 Nutrients
  • Personalized Prebiotics