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We study, translate, and design the human gut microbiome


Not a long while ago, science has started to discover the mirable secrets of the microbial worlds, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, in our bodies.

Literally partnering our lives and health, the microbiome plays a crucial role in the genesis of several chronic diseases as well as in the regulation of our metabolism. Our microbiome is born, grows up, gets older and dies with us. Throughout our lifetime, it coworks for our vital activities, shares our food and drugs, fights against diseases beside us, and continually communicates with our body and brain. Malfunctions in this regulation and balance often leads to human diseases. With the modern life, we have entered an era of chronic diseases inevitably evolving to a modern-day pandemic. We claim to fight this pandemic by targeting one of the most important disorder sources: the microbiome.

Wet laboratory

We study, translate, and design the microbiome through state-of-the-art observational and interventional methods.

Meta-omics: Meta-omics is the new microscope.

We use next-generation sequencing technologies for observing and collecting the microbiome big-data at molecular precision. Digital/molecular records of our user network and research/development studies are generated and saved for intensive studies.

Preclinical tests and clinical trials:

Our diagnostic and therapeutical inventions go through a unique in silico-in vitro-in vivo pipeline optimized for microbiome-based personalized medicine solutions. This involves AI-based discovery, pre-clinical animal tests, and clinical phase I-II-III trials.

Biotechnology and synthetic biology:

Our live therapeutics trials (i.e. monoclonal and polyclonal biotherapeutics, next-generation probiotics, and bacteriophages) involve culturomics, isolation and purification, as well as genetic modifications of agents.

Dry laboratory

Our in silico technology is a platform of machine learning backed bioinformatics, in order to discover diagnostic and live therapeutic biomarkers via data mining in Enbiosis biobank.

Deep learning agents:

Although microbiomes harbor strong biomarkers of health and disease, current technology falls short due to data scarsity. We break the barrier of statistical insufficiency to deploy state-of-the-art thanks to our biobank and microbiome-custom deep learning algorithms.

Technology fusion:

We integrate heath informatics and microbiome bioinformatics to build and mine the big-data of microbiome. The clinical, biometric, and meta-omics data are integrated to conduct science in a unique way.


The ENBIOSIS ecosystem consists of a vast network of users, connected via our biobank, mobile, and wearable-tech; an artificial-intelligence operating system constantly mining the biobank big data to invent and offer health solutions to the users; the bioscience team conducting research on microbiome science to develop integrated biotech products and services; and a network of health professionals consulting the users.

Our Platform

ENBIOSIS generic framework gathers microbiome samples and lifestyle&health information by mail-in-kits or on-site from the users via a panel of applications. The samples are subject to next-generation sequencing and the data generated are placed in the biobank to be mined by AI algorithms to return the specific solutions. This generalized pipeline applicable to a range of add-on solutions sharing the same operation system.

In the background, several machine learning agents (metagenomic biomarker discoverers) constantly mine the evergrowing biobank, consisting of the sequenced data, electronic health&lifestyle records, and biological samples collected. These agents are multiple copies of AI miners searching for microbiome markers associated with human health. Their discoveries define the next-line of applications that is to use the very same service framework.


Microbiome based liquid-biopsy

Our microbiome based liquid-biopsy product family provides non-invasive early disease detection biotech kits and software. Easily collectible bodily fluids such as feces, sputum, urine, blood, etc. are enough to investigate and diagnose diseases in early stages using microbiome biomarkers. Liquid biopsy biomarkers are discovered via data-mining the ENBIOSIS biobank by AI agents, and transformed to biotech products by our bioscience team. Apart from external liquid biopsy kits, ENBIOSIS AI operating system offers the users constant electronic check-ups by scanning their biobank data as novel disease biomarkers are discovered. Current diagnostic solutions in phase-study pipeline are breast cancer (using blood samples), lung cancer (using sputum and blood samples), prostate cancer (using blood and urine samples), colorectal cancer (using stool and blood samples), and coronary artery disease (using blood samples).

Probiotics 2.0 and biotherapeutics

Each person’s microbiome is deficient of different probiotic organisms. Analyzing each individual’s microbiome at microbial gene resolution, Enbiosis provides personalized probiotics compositions for promoting health, as well as biotherapeutics to cure or adverse the complications of chronic diseases. Periodic sampling of microbiome is conducted for follow - up/intervene for the planned modulation of microbiome. ENBIOSIS biobank is the primary source of these next-generation probiotics and biotherapeutics, and our AI and bioscience technologies discover and transform the products.

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