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Gut Health 2.0:

Bacteria meets AI

Chronic diseases are on the rise, and the root cause of many health problems is related to dysbiosis, an unbalanced gut microbiome. While medications mainly decrease symptoms instead of addressing the underlying cause, food has therapeutic power. Enbiosis is here to help discover the microbiome’s needs.

Traditional approaches fall short in addressing the epidemic of gut disorders

Enbiosis is here to support you as a dedicated partner.

At-home gut

microbiome testing

Sample collection at the
comfort of home.



Best-in-class gut microbiome analysis for accurate results.

Personalized gut

health solutions

Every person is special, so should be the recommendations.

Food as medicine


Everyday go-to-foods have the power to solve the problem.

Leveraging AI to manage diseases through precision nutrition

Dysbiosis is the root cause of several diseases and microbiome modulation to rebalance the gut ecosystem is the solution.

Starting with IBS and chronic constipation, we have proved the efficacy of our AI-powered nutrition recommendations on patients having gastrointestinal and digestive health issues.



78% SUCCESS in chronic constipation

Presented at

Significant and rapid improvements with AI-powered microbiome analysis!

Thousands of patients had seen numerous impactful results by only following personalized nutrient and supplement recommendations for 6 weeks.

Improve energy level and bowel habits with Enbiosis microbiome test
Improve sleep quality with Enbiosis microbiome test
Weight loss with microbiome analysis

* For individuals with IBS or intestinal disorders in ROC AUC measurement
** Based on Shannon Diversity metrics

Gain instant insights to support your patients’ gut health

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  Gut health scores

  Taxonomic analysis

  Important bacteria

  Disease risk analysis

  +400 personalized food


  Precision prebiotics &


Access results through your dashboard

Our practitioner dashboard serves as a comprehensive hub, providing access to all patient microbiome analysis results. This empowers you to create personalized diet strategies.

Moreover, our patient dashboard and mobile app, designed exclusively for patients, offer an interactive platform for actively engaging in their wellness journey, simplifying gut health management.

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Start creating personalized plans using beta-version of our diet plan generator

With our most recent feature, Enbiosis practitioners are now be able to create AI-powered microbiome diet plans in minutes. To try this feature and share your feedback as a beta user, please feel free to contact us by specifying your inquiry below.

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