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Enbiosis provides its partners with a software that allows them to offer microbiome-based products. Patients can easily collect their stool samples with the help of a home test kit and send their samples back to contracted laboratories for the DNA analysis of the fecal bacteria. After the laboratory outputs are uploaded to the Enbiosis Cloud, the results are sent to a partner’s and a patient’s dashboards automatically.

Cooperating with healthcare providers
Shipping the microbiome analysis kits to patients
Collecting stool samples at home
Analyzing the stool sample with NGS in laboratories
Uploading the raw data to the AI software
Providing personalized microbiome analysis report and precision prebiotics & probiotics

Next-generation tool for healthcare providers

Clinically proven analytical tool for healthcare providers to support their practice

Microbiome is one of the key factors in health and disease. Enbiosis is now officially the first clinically proven AI-based solution for gut health.
Doctor-led microbime-based approach supports the treatment process of patients while improving the outcomes.


Microbiome-based AI-driven analysis as a new product for laboratories!

Microbiome-based AI-driven analysis as a new product for laboratories!

Analysis is the first step of treatment process and can be carried out for diagnosis of diseases, screening health-related parameters through samples (stool, blood, urine, etc…) and recommendation of supportive products (supplements, medication, etc…).
ENBIOSIS microbiome analysis can be used to assess potential health risks, screen microbiome-related profiles, creat optimal diet strategy and recommend precision prebiotics & probiotics to support gut health.

Sample report

Personalized products for pharma & supplement industry to stand out in the market!

Personalized products for supplement industry to stand out in the market!


While the number of supplements on the market is increasing day by day, personalization is lacking. A simple stool sample can help to identify the most suitable for an individual prebiotic & probiotic options.
ENBIOSIS microbiome-based personalized prebiotics & probiotics offer a better gut health. In addition our Probiotic Suggestion Engine determines the best commercially available probiotic fit for individuals based on a microbiome analysis.


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