Restore your blood pressure with microbiome power!

Need to keep your patient’s blood pressure under control? Check out our microbiome based solutions!

Blood pressure is a major health concern worldwide, and it’s not just the elderly who are at risk. If left unchecked, hypertension can lead to a number of negative consequences, including heart disease and stroke. 

According to recent studies, microbiome may play a significant role in blood pressure. In fact, changes to microbiome are linked with an increased risk of hypertension. 

While there’s still much to learn about the links between blood pressure and microbiome, what is known so far is alarming. By understanding microbiome better, you can start to address any imbalances that may be causing blood pressure problems. 

Start to restore microbiome and balance your blood pressure today!

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    The ENBIOSIS Analysis Kit is delivered to your home. You will obtain your sample easily and send us the kit free of charge.


    DNA analysis is performed on the bacteria in the sample, and this data is imported into the advanced ENBIOSIS software.


    The advanced ENBIOSIS artificial intelligence algorithm computes the nutrient scores that will ensure perfect balance.


    Based on these results, we provide you with information about personalized prebiotic-probiotic supplements that are best for you.