Believe It or Not: Your Microbiome Can Control Your Mood and Level of Happiness

Mood disorders are a major problem that affects millions of people worldwide and are driven by a myriad of underlying causes. Deviations from a normal mood or a diminished sense of  self worth and/or happiness, or feelings of apathy can result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. 

Some of these things we have no control over nor are there any known, effective therapeutic approaches.  However, one area of promise is the microbiome.  

Recent research has revealed how strong the relationship is between the gut microbiome and its bacterial balance and how well the brain functions.  The gut is often referred to as the ‘second brain’ and is well established as having a direct influence over the structural integrity and functionality of the brain.  

With this in mind, it stands to reason that a balanced, nourished and strong microbiome may be able to support a healthy mood as well as a high degree of happiness and contentment.  But how do we effectively balance the microbiome? 

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