Control diabetes using a personalized nutrition plan!

Are you wondering if a microbial treatment could help to control your diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s a common problem, and one that can be difficult to manage. That’s because diabetes is often linked with a disturbed microbiome – the collection of bacteria living in the intestine.

Poor bacteria balance has been linked with a number of issues, including diabetes, obesity, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Let’s explore the connection between diabetes and microbiome in more detail. 


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    The ENBIOSIS Analysis Kit is delivered to your home. You will obtain your sample easily and send us the kit free of charge.


    DNA analysis is performed on the bacteria in the sample, and this data is imported into the advanced ENBIOSIS software.


    The advanced ENBIOSIS artificial intelligence algorithm computes the nutrient scores that will ensure perfect balance.


    Based on these results, we provide you with information about personalized prebiotic-probiotic supplements that are best for you.