In Turkey ENBIOSIS performs its microbiome analysis at the Genome and Stem Cell Center (GEN-KOK) of Erciyes University. Outside of Turkey, we conduct microbiome analysis at the world-renowned Eurofins Scientific Laboratory.

The Genome and Stem Cell Center (GEN-KOK) of Erciyes University, the largest research center in the field of genome and stem cell in Turkey, has been carrying out key studies in the field of genetics and stem cell since 2012.

ENBIOSIS conducts microbiome analysis with the help of the expert scientists at the GEN-KOK laboratory.

Eurofins Scientific is an international laboratory group that analyzes pharmaceuticals, food, environment and agricultural products and provides support services to governments with its expert team and extensive technology portfolio.

Eurofins Scientific has become one of the world’s leading providers of genomics services, thanks to its high product quality, customer-oriented service and innovative developments in genomic research.

The cooperation with Eurofins gives us access to its advanced network of labs, clinics and hospitals, while also allowing European healthcare providers to use our services conveniently and effectively.