Frequently Asked Questions

What is the microbiome?

There are trillions of microorganisms in our body. The ecosystem formed by these microorganisms is called the microbiome.

Does the microbiome change?

Every person’s microbiome is unique, just like a fingerprint. From the moment you are born, your microbiome is affected by the way you were born, the diseases you have had, the drugs you use and the stress you experience, and it changes over time. With ENBIOSIS, you can detect the microbiome status and manage it with your specific nutrient scores.

What does the ENBIOSIS Microbiome Health Pack provide?

Disruption of the gut microbiome underlies many chronic diseases. Microbiome Health Package turns food into your medicine for the solution of your problems. First, it detects the current state of your gut bacteria, then offers you the nutrients your bacteria need to fix the damage there.

Is there an age limit for ENBIOSIS Microbiome Analysis?

ENBIOSIS Microbiome Health Package should be used by individuals over the age of 15.

Who should not use the ENBIOSIS Microbiome Health Pack?

Microbiome profile can change for various reasons, so if you are on regular medication, have had any recent surgery or are pregnant, the microbiome health package may not be suitable for you. In such cases, we recommend that you contact us to talk to our experts before making a purchase.

When will the Microbiome Health Pack be shipped to me?

In case your order reaches us before 16.00, it will be shipped to Microbiome Kit’s address on the same day. Every order placed after 16.00 will be shipped the next day.

How can I complete my membership process?

After your Microbiome Kit reaches you, you must first register your kit with the code on the microbiome tube and the code written on the microbiome tube from the login section on the home page, and then fill in the user information form so that we can start the analysis process.

Where should I submit my sample?

ENBIOSIS brings the laboratory to your home so that you can experience the journey of self-discovery in the easiest way possible. With the Microbiome Kit, you can easily take your own sample at home.

How do I get my sample?

Microbiome Analysis is made from a stool sample. You can easily get your own sample at home by following the steps below.

  1. By placing the Microbiome Kit on a stable place, you should place the tube upright to prevent the liquid from spilling into the round compartment next to the microbiome tube.
  2. You should rub the stool sample directly over the toilet paper until the color of the sampling stick you unwrapped using the toilet paper completely changes.
  3. After this process, you should remove the sample stick from the tube and throw it away.
  4. You should close the microbiome tube tightly and carefully insert it into the envelope included in the microbiome kit.
What should I do if the liquid in the microbiome tube spills?

In case of spillage of the liquid inside the microbiome tube, you should stop sampling. If you wish, you can request a spare tube via e-mail to or by calling +44 116 462 09 84.

How to send the sample to the laboratory?

Once you have your sample, you can place the microbiome tube in the envelope included in the kit. Then you can request a courier from the nearest branch by calling the cargo number on the back of the envelope. You can send your sample to our laboratory free of charge to the courier arriving during the day.

Will my sample be damaged in shipping?

The stabilizer liquid in the microbiome tube is a special liquid that kills microorganisms on first contact with the sample and prevents the fragmentation of the exposed microbial DNA. Thanks to this liquid, your sample comes safely to our laboratory without being affected by any conditions.

When will my results reach me?

A sample of your ENBIOSIS Microbiome Analysis Report and Personalized Nutrition Guide will be sent to you within approximately 4 weeks after we receive it.