Discover your gut with AI Powered Microbiome Analysis!

Microbiome analysis is a process that helps health professionals to understand what exactly going on the patiences body. And with this miracle guide, gut disease treatments are getting easier. 

The microbial balance can be restored if it is out of whack (i.e., due to antibiotic use etc.).

By checking the composition of one’s microbiome, it’s possible to detect problems early and take appropriate action. This includes everything from detecting chronic diseases to improving overall fitness. 

Are you curious about microbial ecosystem? Our microbial analysis can tell you more!

Free Consultation From Healthcare Professional

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    The ENBIOSIS Analysis Kit is delivered to your home. You will obtain your sample easily and send us the kit free of charge.


    DNA analysis is performed on the bacteria in the sample, and this data is imported into the advanced ENBIOSIS software.


    The advanced ENBIOSIS artificial intelligence algorithm computes the nutrient scores that will ensure perfect balance.


    Based on these results, we provide you with information about personalized prebiotic-probiotic supplements that are best for you.