Not All Prebiotics Are For Everyone

Precision Prebiotics are an essential addition to any gut microbiome balancing diet. They help balance the trillions of bacteria inherent to the gut microbiome , and can have a positive impact on overall health. 

But did you know that there are certain prebiotics that are ideal for certain situations and that, even one step further, there are combinations of prebiotics that are more adventageous in specific circumstances than others?  

Unfortunately, without insight into one’s microbiome profile, it’s impossible to tell which prebiotics are ideal for your digestive environment.  Fortunately, Enbiosis has developed a state-of-the-art microbiome analysis technology that leverages artificial intelligence and is able to identify exactly which prebiotics someone should be taking.  

By adding these tiny, yet essential ingredients to your patient’s diet appropriately and according to their microbime profile, you can help to restore microbial structure and optimize digestive function. 

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    Enbiosis microbiome analysis kit


    The ENBIOSIS Analysis Kit is delivered to your home. You will obtain your sample easily and send us the kit free of charge 

    Enbiosis microbiome analysis labs


    DNA analysis is performed on the bacteria in the sample, and this data is imported into the advanced ENBIOSIS software 

    Enbiosis microbiome analysis nutrition recommendation


    The advanced ENBIOSIS artificial intelligence algorithm computes the nutrient scores that will ensure perfect balance

    Supplement recommendation with microbiome analysis test results


    Based on these results, we provide you with information about personalized prebiotic & probiotic supplements that are best for you