The CNN AI Article Featuring ENBIOSIS is Now Live

We’re thrilled to announce that CNN has featured ENBIOSIS in an article highlighting our journey within the vibrant UK tech ecosystem. Founded in 2021, ENBIOSIS has been blazing a trail in revolutionizing AI-powered personalized gut health solutions. Since our triumphant win at the Tech Rocketship Awards, we’ve been pioneering innovative solutions in AI.

Our mission to unravel the complexities of the gut microbiome and its impact on human well-being has garnered attention, and being recognized by CNN further solidifies our commitment to innovation and excellence.
The article highlights how our win catapulted us into the spotlight, enhancing our credibility and access within the global AI landscape.

As Ömer Özkan, our Founder, reflects on our journey, he underscores the pivotal role of the UK’s supportive business environment and burgeoning AI sector in our growth. Winning the Tech Rocketship Awards not only boosted our credibility but also provided invaluable connections within the global AI landscape. This support has been instrumental in propelling ENBIOSIS to the forefront of the industry.

Özkan urges fellow entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity presented by the UK Government’s Unicorn Kingdom: Pathfinder Awards. This prestigious program offers tailor-made development opportunities, including VIP meetings with industry experts, support from the Global Entrepreneur Programme, and exposure through Department for Business and Trade promotional activities.

We’re proud to stand by fellow tech & AI entrepreneurs at the UK Government’s Unicorn Kingdom. This initiative not only fosters a sense of community but also strengthens the influence of innovative companies like ours, contributing to positive progress and advancement within the industry.

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