The AI-powered

gut health solutions

with clinical validation

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The AI-powered gut health solutions with clinical validation

Thousands of patients have solved their gut health problems with
ENBIOSIS' AI-powered microbiome analysis & personalized diet plan

Improve energy level and bowel habits with Enbiosis microbiome test
Improve sleep quality with Enbiosis microbiome test
Weight loss with microbiome analysis

* For individuals with IBS or intestinal disorders in ROC AUC measurement
** Based on Shannon Diversity metrics

ENBIOSIS is now officially the first clinically proven
AI-based solution for gut health

Irritable bowel syndrome

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*Impact Factor: 11.7
*H-index: 82

Chronic constipation

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Efficacy of AI-Assisted Personalized Microbiome Modulation by Diet in Functional Constipation: A Randomized Controlled Trial

*Impact Factor: 5.1
*H-index: 75

Practitioner and dietitian working with Enbiosis

Support gut health with personalized solutions

Empower personalized care as a practitioner with using our AI-powered gut microbiome test and tailored personalized recommendations to achieve optimal health for patients.

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Gut microbiome-driven personalized diet plan

We developed an AI algorithm that holistically evaluates the relationship between trillions of gut bacteria and general health parameters to create an optimal, personalized diet strategy that transforms each individual's microbiome profile to a healthier state

Enbiosis diet model microbiome analysis

Access results through your dashboard

Access your kit results anytime via the patient dashboard. Review analyses, get personalized nutrient suggestions easily.

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How it works?

Gut microbiome test kit

Our gut microbiome test kit offers valuable insights, empowering healthcare practitioners to restore and balance the gut health of patients effectively.

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Enbiosis gut microbiome test kit

Carry your microbiome test insights
with you wherever you go

Microbiome analysis results

Personalized food recommendations

Enbiosis supplement recommendation

Personalized pre- & probiotic suggestions

+5000 recipes filtered based on your food scores

Personalized microbiome-friendly shopping list

Enbisois mobile app microbiome analysis

ENBIOSIS App is available on both Google Play and App Store


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Enbiosis The UK Government's Tech Rocketship Awards Winner

The UK Government’s Tech Rocketship Awards Winner

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