Precision Healthcare: Transforming the Future of Medicine

Precision healthcare and gut microbiome test

Precision Healthcare: What It Is & Why It’s Important

Precision healthcare is one of the key areas of healthcare that is experiencing a rapid growth phase. It is important to understand what precision healthcare is and why it’s important.

As we move towards a more data-driven world, precision healthcare is becoming increasingly important in order to generate better outcomes for patients.

In addition to improving patient outcomes, precision healthcare also has a significant role to play in global health. By providing healthcare products and services that are precise, we are helping to achieve increased efficiency and sustainability in the healthcare system. 

Precision healthcare – what it is and why its important

Along with many things that change around us day by day, what we know about our body is also changing. Everything began to become more individual and more specific.

The fact that the drugs we use when we are sick do not have the same effect on the metabolism of each person, each treatment method does not give the same result, even if each person consumes the same food, they observe different reactions in their body now signals to us that our body is unique and we should give it unique treatment.

In the studies conducted, it is also reported that the body of each person is unique, as well as all systems are in interaction. That is why every day, an individual and holistic approach is becoming more important.

In the light of all this, precision healthcare can be defined as a health service with the most efficient results in a direction that will reduce unnecessary medication use and treatment costs.

Benefits of precision health

We often see that individuals’ metabolisms are working differently from each other and that medication, nutrients, and other treatment approaches do not give the desired result in each individual.

Precision health comes into play precisely at the point where individual differences make treatment inconclusive or negatively affect it. It is very useful in many ways to get to know the individual’s body better and carry out treatment.

Any metabolic response that our body will give may vary from individual to individual. Because the metabolism and body structure of each of us varies according to the external influences that we experience from the prenatal period.

Different reactions of our body can override medications, general nutrition and treatment recommendations. This condition can also be aggravated by the use of unnecessary medications that change the course of the disease. This condition both increases health spending and causes more damage to the metabolism.

In short, there are many benefits for precision healthcare, such as reducing financial burden, protecting metabolism, reducing recovery time and saving time.

What are the key methods of precision healthcare?

Precision healthcare is a really wide area. The first aim is learning about unique metabolism of each person. 

You can learn about people by asking them detailed questions about their health history, learning about their family,  analyzing  their DNA structure, microbiome structure and so on.

After you learn about your unique microbiome structure you can modify it by precision supplements. Such as precision prebiotics and probiotics. 

How technology is changing the way we work in healthcare

We can examine the microbiome, we can measure metabolism, we can produce personal pharmaceutics ….but most importantly healthcare technology is evolving the way of more personal. Healthcare is an important industry, and the way we work is constantly changing. In recent years, technology has played a huge role in this change, and it is helping to improve patient care across the board.

Mobile apps and computer algorithms are playing a vital role in this process. There are many other ways that technology is helping us to improve healthcare, so stay tuned

Generative AI, practitioner

What does ENBIOSIS do?

ENBIOSIS Biotechnology aims to improve human health and quality of life by using microbial organisms forming a symbiotic life with the human body. With this purpose in mind the company aims to produce AI-driven next-generation bioengineering / biotechnology solutions.

Enbiosis’s fields of activity include microbiome-based dietetic regulation, prebiotics and biotherapeutics, immunotherapy, vaccination technologies, cellular therapies, bacteriophage therapy, liquid biopsy diagnostics, and computational biology.

What are the benefits of ENBIOSIS microbiome-driven diet system?

The individualized nutrition guide contains nutritional scores to help an individual to modulate the gut microbiome with the help of nutrients. It demonstrates the relationship between the bacteria and nutrients in the individual’s microbiome.

Achieving a balanced and diverse microbiome structure with the help of these nutrients will significantly improve your quality of life.

  • Better sleep quality
  • Regular digestive system
  • Healthy and sustainable body weight
  • Higher energy level during the day 
  • Stress management and improved mental performance
  • Stronger immune system
  • Individual solution for chronic diseases

Our client will be able to choose among 240 different nutrient options and will know which nutrient to consume more and which less. This approach allows our clients to avoid strict dietary restrictions, and makes it easier to adapt the lists to their dietary preferences and lifestyle. 

Importance of precision healthcare in the era of big data

The era of big data is bringing about a new level of precision in health care that will save lives!

By understanding individual patients, precision healthcare can provide more personalized treatments. This is because precision healthcare relies on the collection and analysis of big data to improve patient care. By using this information, hospitals and other medical facilities can reduce costs and make better decisions for their patients.

The increasing importance of machine learning in the healthcare field

Machine learning is quickly becoming an important part of the healthcare field. Its ability to crunch large data sets quickly means it can provide valuable insights that were once impossible to obtain.

This technology is being used to improve patient care in a variety of ways, from predicting health outcomes to identifying patterns. As its importance continues to grow, healthcare will increasingly rely on machine learning to provide the best possible care for patients.

What is the role of AI in precision healthcare?

Medical professionals rely on AI to help them diagnose and treat diseases more effectively. AI will play a major role in helping to improve precision healthcare services across the board.

For example, AI can help doctors diagnose and treat diseases more effectively, reducing errors and improving patient outcomes. In addition, AI can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of treatments, which can in turn reduce the number of patients who require hospitalization. As healthcare becomes increasingly personalized, AI is playing an increasingly important role in precision healthcare.

 The growing trend of precision healthcare

Precision healthcare is quickly growing in popularity across the United States. This type of care focuses on individualized treatments that are specific to your needs. This way, you can maintain control of your health and keep your lifestyle balanced.

What role does precision healthcare play in global health?

Precision healthcare is an important part of global health. It helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases and improves the health of those who receive it.

 By implementing precision healthcare globally, we can make a real difference in the worlds health. precision healthcare is crucial to global health because it allows for early detection and treatment of diseases (OUR EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND IBD TREASTMENT PRODUCT).

Precision healthcare is beneficial for both the patients and the healthcare providers, as it leads to cost-effective and efficient healthcare.

What are the future prospects for precision healthcare?

According to a study by the AlixPartners consulting firm, precision medicine will become increasingly important in the health care system. Together with opportunities for increased accuracy and speed in diagnosis and treatment. This will lead to better outcomes for patients, as well as cost-effective care.


Precision healthcare is a growing trend that is changing the way we work in healthcare. By understanding the key areas of precision healthcare, you can better manage your health.

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